The Hobby of Geocaching

Our latest episode is on Geocaching so we decided to leave some treasures around town!



We left some currency from the Dominican Republic and Ethiopia with our blog address on it!  If someone reading this found one of our bills in a cache feel free to hashtag a picture with #thehobbyofhobbies on instagram!

I haven’t geocached in probably ten years and it was a pretty interesting experience!  Originally I tried going in the afternoon, but the caches I was looking for were in a park.  Many caches are in parks and public places, but people definitely started to think I was crazy after 10 minutes of looking in all the crevices on a statue.  I decided to go back after dark to avoid all the looks I was getting.


The second thing I forgot is how well the caches are hidden sometimes, my wife had to get on my shoulders just to reach the cache that was hidden in a statue!   We would love to get a picture of one of our bills back in their home country!  If you take one back to it’s home country (or even move it a little closer) just tag us on instagram @thehobbyofhobbies #thehobbyofhobbies!


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